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Explain Pain Supercharged Chapter 3 – Journal Club

Facilitated not lectured – participants will be required to do pre readings and take part in discussions which will be facilitated. Advisable to attend all sessions as each session builds on the next

Webinar will be an interactive discussion, participants will be required to read the material beforehand and the facilitator will guide the session.

Contact sessions will be a discussion on a patient/case presentation that the participants will have to prepare


Session 1 (Andrea) – online 2 March 2020

Session 2 (Sarah Cameron) – online 6 April

Contact session for 1 + 2 – 4 May

Session 3 (Caroline) – online 8 June

Session 4 (Rogier) – online 13 July

Contact session for 3 + 4 – 24 Aug


Cost R50 per session

Max 20 attendees